And how to set them

Photo by Alex Green from Pexels

If you’re a bit of an overthinker, you might have wondered in the past if you should text a friend during their work hours. Maybe you worried about a message left on “seen” for a while or an ambiguous reaction.

There is no texting apps etiquette. In our conversations, “in real life,” it usually comes more naturally. Some also find it easy to talk over the phone. But how are we supposed to initiate and maintain a conversation with someone we can’t see, hear or sometimes even barely know?

With a pandemic spreading worldwide, being safe means staying away from…

and here’s why

Photo by Khoa Võ

I used to think that it’s relatively easy to know whether it’s safe to be around someone or not. I thought that if I hung out with someone for a while, it would become obvious. Sadly, relationship after relationship, I kept sinking into a deeper pool of judgment errors until I hit the rock bottom.

I remember a year ago, when my ex and I broke up, asking myself what happened when our relationship began to fall apart. …

Confessions of a pain and fatigue warrior

Dear illness, there are so many things I need to tell you. As I’m writing these words, I hope that you will somehow hear me. When you came into my life, my world changed in so many ways. I would cry. I would hate you. You crushed me.

Time is always running after me. While hating you would be easy, I’m choosing to forgive you. Today, I choose to see how you can light the way to buried wonders.

I forgive you for all the times that you made me feel weak and…

Charlie Lennox

Passionate writer. Mental illness destigmatization advocate. Trauma survivor and informed. Fibromyalgia Warrior. They/them.

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